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3 important E-commerce trends you should know for success

A trend is something that a lot of people certainly choose at a time and eventually makes your store and design well known to a visitor. For recent E-commerce trend, you need to focus on some key points. Let’s get right down to some important e-commerce trends.


33% orders of E-commerce come from mobile device

One of the major reports was that in 2014, one-third of total e-commerce orders was coming from a mobile device rather than a computer. In 2012, use of mobile devices for e-commerce was 12%. In 2014, it increases up to 33%. Meaning, in 2 years, the contribution of mobile to the total e-commerce sale has rocketed by 175%. More importantly, mobile e-commerce traffic has overtaken computers earlier this year for the first time. And it becomes difficult to avoid mobile device for e-commerce.


Social media is on the top to discover products

The increasing rate of mobile phone traffic to online is partially being influenced by another trend: the development of social-influenced product invention and effective social ad targeting. Statistics shows that computers are being used to search for more commodity-type goods, while social media and mobile are used for more discovery-based purchases.


Shopping is always available

People are now shopping from anywhere and at any time is suitable for them. This could be on a desktop while working, on a phone while exchanging, or at home while on Facebook. This emphasizes how important it is for traders to provide an easy buying experience that habituate to their customers buying habits.

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