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5 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

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5 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

Video effects march 9, 2019 6 min read explainer videos are pretty much what it says on the tin — videos that explain something. They’re ideal for breaking down fairly complex topics or processes into something much more manageable. There are a few different ways to create them, and whether they are animated or live-action, there are plenty of explainer video templates to draw inspiration from.

In educational institutes or any institute, lecturers use a whiteboard and a marker to explain complicated theories or issues. In the same way, whiteboard animation video is a type of explainer video. It is an animated film which engages in a story told by a narrator. The story can be about new company products, methods of implementation of its strategy, software demos or updated version description. Whiteboard animation videos show a character doing something, a striking plot or some thought-provoking text points. The message is usually conveyed through voice over which is more significant than the drawings.

Come in various formats. The most popular way for social media marketers to tell a story is through animation. Animated videos have many benefits. These simplify complex ideas, provides entertainment, and customizes each video for diverse viewers. Integrates colors, logos, images, etc. To convey a message or information. It converts your story into a visual treat. Here are some of the most obvious.

Video can come in many different forms and there are a variety of ways to connect with your brand’s audience. In today’s world, one of the popular ways for marketers to tell a story is through animation. Animated videos are very effective now because they have become more affordable and also circumvent some of the challenges with live action video (finding actors, scheduling interviews, identifying locations, etc. ). When used correctly, animated video content can make a significant impact on the viewer. For brands, animation offers five unique benefits:. 

Blackboard, a leading supplier of software to educational institutions at every level, needed a series of explainer videos to promote three of its service offerings. Working in close collaboration with the client, hinge planned, scripted, animated and produced the three videos. Blackboard: essentials video.

Animated explainer videos explain a product, service or concept using moving graphics. Forget the expense and time of hiring actors and finding the perfect set location. Whether your video is set in space or seattle, you can create the perfect animated video in no time using explainer video software, like videoscribe

#1: Videos Are the Most Engaging Form of Content

So, what is an lms? well, put simply, an lms is a learning management system and, more realistically, it’s a course management system. It’s a centrally-administered service offered by your institution in which you can manage a course or a group of courses, its files, its students, its grades, tools, and so forth. That sounds an awful lot like a website, right? well no, it’s actually quite different. You see, rather than having to remember the website addresses for each course website the lms uses a single website with a single sign on. Your username and password gets you access to the lms and all of your lms’s course site. In fact, let me login here. And now in my blackboard course element. And i’m now in the lms. Now, one of the other benefits of a learning management system over a website is that there’s a uniform look and feel across all courses. I’m going to open up this first course here by clicking on it and i want you to notice that we’ve got navigation on the left. Content on the right. Let me go back, i’m going to open up a second course. And again, navigation left, content on the right. This is really helpful for students because the navigation and content areas are the same across all courses. Another benefit of an lms over a website is you have an integrated system of core instructional tools. Sort of have a toolbox here. This actually the student toolbox. But i want you to notice you have announcements, e-mail, roster, quizzes, homework collection, gradebook.

You don’t have to download and install anything and all of this has access to modify. Through a graphical user interface. You don’t have to know html, no ftp, if you know how to attach a file to an email message or upload a picture to facebook, you already know how to upload files to your lms. One of the other benefits of this and i think this is actually the strongest benefit. Is that a learning management system is centrally administered and supported. What’s going to happen, usually, at most institutions, is automated course and user provisioning, tied to your institution’s student information system. What that means is, when a course is created at your university in the student information system, it automatically appears, in learning management system. When a user enrolls in that course, that user is are automatically enrolled in the course in learning management system. The other benefit is that someone at your institution is usually going to be available to answer your questions, and the staff does the configuration so that you can focus on what you do best.

Teaching, finally, out of the box, your learning management system is a secure, private environment. There’s something called ferpa, the family educational right to privacy act of 1974, it’s a buckley ammendment. And, it actually has a set of rules of what can and cannot be shared with the public. Out of the box, your learning management system is ferpa compliant. Because what ends up happening is, you have multiple levels of access control and security, unlike a website which almost anybody can get into. You have a system level access, so you have to have a user name and password to be able to get into the system. Let me, type in my username, so that’s system level access. If you’re enrolled in it, if you’re assigned to teach it. If you aren’t, you can’t. And, within the course, there’s a third level of security. Down here in content management, there’s a level of tools that are only available to the instructors. Again, these three levels of access control and security are built into the system, unlike a website. So what is a learning management system? well, put simply, it’s essentially administered service offered by your institution in which you can manage a course, or a group of courses. And what exactly is blackboard? well, it’s a popular learning management system, and in this title, we’re going to be focusing on blackboard 9.1.

If you’re looking to create a facebook ad that will stop someone from scrolling and pay attention to you, a doodle video can do just that. Doodle videos are proven to be an extremely engaging form of video. The reason being that people love to watch other people create. There were entire television shows based on watching someone draw for 30 minutes (i. E. The joy of painting by bob ross). Digital storytelling provides multiple entry points into learning, because we can approach a topic from many different angles and viewpoints. As well as presenting the key facts of a particular piece of content, we can shape that information into a story that comprises a journey through a process from start to finish, or perhaps create wholey new characters to take on the roll of inanimate objects that explain their own purpose.

Take this clip from the simpsons as a great example of this, whereby a cowboy atom character explains the process of making nuclear energy using rods of uranium that are also animated and have fun and engaging to watch characteristics. Judicious use of animation can support teaching goals and further engage students in classroom presentations. Powerpoint, although one of the most frequently used presentation programs around, is rarely used to its full advantage by faculty. Creating custom animations in powerpoint is easy with a few pointers and some practice. Multimedia software has become an essential part of today’s teaching and learning process. While many interactive multimedia software programs certainly exist, powerpoint is one the most widely available and used programs today. In the late 1990s, several studies indicated that students found powerpoint-based lectures more interesting than traditional lectures. 1 whether used for teacher-led presentations or student-led projects such as digital storytelling, reports, or instructional gaming, presentation software can help organize and enhance the delivery of content across curriculum areas while accommodating students of various ages, cultures, and learning styles.

Powerpoint format is easy to edit and can be adapted to any student population. 2 burns pointed out that faculty can master the basics of powerpoint within an hour. 3 most faculty, however, don’t use the program’s features beyond creating basic slides with text, transitions, clip art or pictures, and hyperlinks. They do not take advantage of the many other capabilities, such as custom animation, in designing their presentations. This article explores how creating custom animations can support teaching goals and further engage students in a presentation. Illustrated are some step-by-step animation techniques and design considerations for creating effective presentations. Figure 1 demonstrates an animated, interactive science timeline. Animated videos are one of the simplest mediums via which you can easily convey your complex ideas and thoughts to your audiences in a most memorable way, and they are indeed considered as one of the most significant advantages for the educational industry.

Animated videos can be of a great source in circulating the important information to the targeted audiences. Most of us have probably used a vo presentation or screencast because they are simple and easy to create. They consist of powerpoint or some type of slides along with a voice recording explaining the content. You will probably use this type of video lecture when you want to review information or even provide remedial instruction. It’s easy to record and simple to upload. Powtoon is another online presentation software that allows users to create animated videos and presentations to capture students’ attention and increase engagement. This undoubtedly helps students avoid unnecessary distractions and to focus on the discussion. This is a roundup of great alternative tools for classroom presentation. For other tips about great tools you can use and contents for your presentations, teachhub is rich in helpful information. Do not forget that these tools can only help you bring your lectures to life; the content is up to you.

What A Premium Explainer Video Should Be Like

With the popularity of youtube in recent days, i found more and more people ask questions like “what software can i use to make animated videos for youtube for free”, or “what animation software should i use to start an animated youtube channel”, etc. In quora, and many other forums. But to be honest, it is not easy to find an effective yet reliable answer at seconds because you don’t know which kinds of program will be working well. Don’t worry, you can get out of this trouble after reading this post.

Suitable for those of you who want to create a video presenting their brand new app! this free explainer video template is 34 seconds long. It also allows you to export your personalized version to youtube for free in case you haven’t used any premium graphics or charts. Sounds like a great start for those of you who have just developed their first app. Good luck!..

Most explainer video scripts present a problem (bob is tired), introduce a solution (bob drinks organic, sugar-free, calorie-free, nutrition-free energy drink), explain how it works (organibrew is all natural…blah blah blah), and drive viewers to action (buy organibrew at your local gas station). Dry facts, statistics and definitions are okay in the classroom, but unless your video is for students imprisoned in a classroom, avoid lifeless content whenever possible. Instead, use the power of the screen to show your audience actual people your company has helped, or benefits your services have bestowed on your customers. Human beings create stories about themselves to help them define who they are. The better you tell stories about yourself, the more likely your viewers are going to understand what your company is offering and what it can do for them.

Problems faced by students

As an old method of teaching aid, the blackboard has advantages of being inexpensive reusable, allow students to keep pace with the teacher and not dependent on electricity. The chalk used for writing requires no special care, is cheaper, without any smell, good impact on presenting written and visual ideas. The disadvantages include time consumption to write, not being very effective for a large audience, content cannot be retrieved once erased and chalk dust may cause respiratory problems [ 28 ]. The green board is more pleasing to the eye than black, lighter in weight, more durable and cost-effective. Dust formed while cleaning the board was the only disadvantage which led to the development of chalk-free white boards. Washable or permanent ink markers of multiple colors can be used on such boards as the background is white. There boards are convenient for drawing diagrams and highlighting. The pens used for writing and the solvents used for cleaning have pungent smell and are expensive. Sometimes solvents are required for cleaning the whiteboard when permanent ink markers are used. Added to this is the fundamental limitation that reproducibility of figures was limited by the drawing skills of the teachers.

1. When Should You ( definitely ) Go with a Whiteboard Animation?

All great ideas start with a small spark. Our mission to transform whiteboards started with one simple question “why should whiteboard be white anymore?” whiteboard videos are generally good due to several reasons: effective communication of complex ideas: whiteboard boosts understanding and retention of complex ideas. Self-animation creates the element of suspense: the fraction of a second gap when the hand brings the character to life on the whiteboard, builds a suspense. This has proved to boost engagement rates drastically.

How to make a Whiteboard animation video?

Blackboard animations are straight inverted to look like a whiteboard animation. We all have seen blackboards in our life, right from our school days. Blackboards are familiar in everywhere and almost in every country. So how about an animation over a blackboard? similar to whiteboard, blackboard animated video possess a clear concept with fast moving animations by a hand. On the blackboard, they also have different font styles and with no much colors.

A collaboration with memorize academy, who use whiteboard animation videos to teach students how to memorize.

Collaborative writing using google drive and google docs gdocs and gdrive are great tools for working on texts together. In this session we will demonstrate how they can be used to make students write texts together. Instructor: s. Jager simple animations with powtoon when creating visuals for a presentation or a lesson, it is nice to have a few different tools from which to choose. Powtoon is a useful tool and a nice alternative to powerpoint. Powtoon is an online tool with a free account option that allows the user to create an animated video or presentation. It has a simple interface that makes the process of creating an animation as straightforward as possible. Powtoon offers a range of templates that the user can employ as a starting point then customize to fit the particular topic. For the more adventurous, the option of animating from scratch is always available. In this one­hour workshop, we will look at some sample animations created with powtoon, discuss potential uses for the tool, and take time to learn the basics of its use.

Animation designed to be content and audience relevant breaks down information for learners into smaller pieces, allowing the modern corporate learner to digest her course information from wherever they are, no matter her time commitment. Animation makes static graphics more relatable and understandable, and customised animation allows learners an optimal environment. Animation can be fun and quirky, but when designed specifically with content in mind, it enhances the learning experience. For example, a whiteboard animation that walks a learner through a concept step-by-step will reduce the cognitive load and ensure that the learner can take her time to retain and understand each new concept as it is introduced. By actively showing a learner the concept, animation is capable of breaking down complex processes, visualizing change, and creating focal points for learning.

There are plenty of online tools which allow you to create whiteboard animation for free. Here is the list. Videomakerfx crazy talk – animator 2 whiteboard animation software is around for a long time and it won’t go away any sooner. There is a big market for whiteboard animation maker and this software can help you create them with ease. If you own a company and want to advertise through whiteboard animation video and don’t want to spend more money, you can use this software and create it yourself. We hope that this article has helped you find the best whiteboard animation software and if you need any help, ask us in the comment.

What is an animation board?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for powerpoint animation free to download templates. Those are certainly available, and some are good. In fact, i share the best ones i’ve found later in this post. But you just won’t get the same results with free animated powerpoint templates as you will with premium powerpoint animation templates. And you’ll be missing out on some of the benefits of professionally designed ppt animation templates. Let’s take a closer look at what you can get from envato elements.

With the rise of new evolving technologies, trends and pedogogy, the method of learning must also change according to the fast pacing generation. There is a need for innovative teaching practices and learning management systems (lms). Learning has to take a radical shift from “blackboard” to “animation”. According to a case study,”researches have been done in educational psychology which rooted the introduction of dual coding theory by allen paivio which concludes that abstract words are difficult to image and hence are least likely to be dually coded. The expected additive memory benefit of dual coding has been confirmed in numerous experiments which also suggested that the nonverbal code is mnemonically stronger and contributes more to the additive effect than the verbal code. ”. Being audiovisual, videos profit from both images and sound. Combine both of these with the time factor, which enables animation and creative storytelling, and voilà! videos are the most effective way to help your audience feel identified with what you are portraying. This is the reason why explainer videos include interesting narratives and often characterize the buyers even before presenting the product or service. See how catchy they can be:.

White board animation is basically an artwork in which pictures and text is narrated in a visual manner. In this animation creators merge picture and story on a white board. The white board is a way of representation and in this article we tell you. White board animation and its advantages in the details so kindly read the full article and enjoy the information. When building blackboard animation video, it is the same with other styles that uses animated drawing but in blackboard background. To produce an effective video for your business you must understand the different features, provide all important details to gain advantage against your competitor. For example what an item has or is based upon upon physical and tangible qualities. That way we can satisfy your customer and present your business in a more reputable and effective blackboard animation video.

In the animation, like a video camera, an image shot with the independent put together to give the viewer the illusion of continuous movement. In other words, the animation gives shape to our imagination. That is, this is a technique where something can be in the form of imaginative video. The cartoon is notable example animation. Other uses of animation can be seen in the field of astronomy, telecommunications, education and engineering etc. A sequence animation convey more information than what the page text or images do not in general.

This is a simple animation technique that is extremely popular among brands across the world. It is both cute as well as creative, as you see the characters and other images being drawn out or appearing as the narrative takes place. In a way, you can see the words, or background music come to life as the visual is constructed before your eyes. It is also a technique that most of us are familiar with since it is similar to a classroom blackboard that most of us have grown up with. Many companies also use whiteboards in their office meetings, so the brain is used to receiving the visual message in this manner.

1. Whiteboard animation is guiding

At whiteboard animation studio, our team works hard to make your process as effortless as possible. We hear countless stories of clients getting burned and their time and money wasted. Our studio is different. We walk you through our one-of-a-kind process: from initial script to final animation delivery. We seek ideas that match your goals and surpass them. Whiteboard animation is a division of ideamachine – a full-service animation studio.

Creating the things, she found, was sometimes even therapeutic. For someone who’s spent plenty of time rendering static scenes, she says, the software’s animation tool was “simple to master. ” laurene boglio , a french graphic designer and illustrator based in london, started exploring gifs two years ago as a way to add “a new dimension” to her drawings. Creating the things, she found, was surprisingly simple–and sometimes even therapeutic. “producing a gif is essentially a matter of patience,” she says. “i find making them very relaxing. For the best whiteboard animation just click here

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