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6 important E-commerce tips you should know

Let’s get right down to some important e-commerce tips that can make your site more visible to Google. You can practically use these tips to your website for better results. Here are some bullet tips to make your site more visible to Google.


Utilize your site to reply buyers’ perspective questions

People all the time are searching for help and guidance related to buying. To reach the target audience, it is important to answer millions of questions.


Try to write genuine and informative product descriptions

Tell precisely about the product, why you choose or select this product and describe why it will be attractive to the buyers. Use some key points to make it digestible and include important delivery data.


Use brief and descriptive URLs

Try to keep your URLs short so that it can be easy for sharing. URLs should be descriptive too for standing out in search results. You have to remember that Google will bold keywords showing in URLs.


Boost click through with attractive page titles and Meta descriptions

By using a descriptive page title, an attractive description and adding some extra information, you can expect to see your website at the top of Search Engine Result.


Add alt text to images

Do not forget to use ‘alt’ tag to images. Alt text allows Google to index images so that it can be searched.

Increase your site speed

For better ranking, you need to increase your site speed. Google wants the end user experience of searching the internet to be as quick as possible.

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