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Guaranteed Rent Latest Property News: Still no solution for the property prices in the UK

The data suggest that there is still no guaranteed rent, when it comes to real estate in the UK. Numerous researchers dealing with this controversy still don’t see stability and the ultimate decision about the prices of the real estate market. Citizens still uncertain due to the unstable prices for buying property, waiting for those better days.

  • The trend on this issue shows that it is still unstable, and difficult to maintain price property. Especially in the UK, the market is terribly expensive compared to the other countries in Europe. However, there is always someone who abuses and use it in the best possible way. While renting real estate is still on the downside, it’s not so bad when we think of property owners opposed to vendors.
  • The fact itself proves that tenants on average allocate 39.1% of their income for rent unlike Europe, which has seen an average of 28%. At this point, the sale of the property still stagnates because of the high prices, but competition among property owners is bigger and stronger. People do not want to invest in property due to changing prices, so property owners do not yet see those difficult times in the economy.

From all this, we conclude that citizens always know how to find the best solution despite the crises that do not end in sight and high unemployment that destroy the real estate market. If you would like guaranteed rent for your property, call 020 8088 9012. They always look to make a rational decision regardless of the circumstances and crises faced recently. Rents will certainly remain an old enemy when it comes to solving the housing issue, which is less viable due to the high prices of apartments. Until we find a suitable solution and compromise on both sides, buying an apartment will remain elusive desire of many of the citizens of the UK.

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