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Why Our Customers Love Us...

Some of our awesome fans listen to what others are saying about how easy and intuitive Whiteboard Animation Video Is...

WOW! This is like Hootsuite, Quuu, Buffer, Promo Republic all wrapped up into a "Viral Trending Content Factory".



Social Video Software is super easy to use and very resourceful with it’s ability to automate posts to all the popular social networks including the new sensation Tiktok.

Business Owner


Social Video Software is the Ultimate All-in-One App to create and syndicate your videos. You will immediately know what’s trending in your niche and have many platform specific templates, royalty-free videos and tools to automate the entire process.

Leo James
Internet Marketer


There Has Never Been A Better Time To Rapidly Grow Your Business With The Power Of The Internet

Social commerce is one of the hottest trends in social media today, and it looks to have an even bigger impact in 2020

Great timing beats hard work.

You could try over & over to succeed with video, traffic & online business building … But without great timing it’s a tough fight. So if you haven’t reached your goals, it’s NOT your fault. But now you CAN do something about it! Look at these turning points in digital marketing, when certain networks TOOK OFF:


Marketers that were LUCKY enough to ride these platforms at the right time ... Made ludicrous gains simply by showing up.

Imagine Being Ahead Of The Next Huge Marketing Wave… With EXACTLY The Right Tools To Take Advantage

Consider what's happening right now...

There are over 3.48 billion people on social media. Video represents 80% of ALL online traffic – and rising. Specific traffic giants – namely Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest – are more important than ever for brand exposure.

Innovative big brands & influencers – including Chipotle, NBA, Guess, HP, Calvin Klein, Gary V, Cardi B, David Dobrik and more – are JUST starting to shift towards new & niche networks like TikTok, Medium & Reddit.

Industry authorities recognize that video & social traffic will be dominated by specific niche platforms:

Tiktok & several other alternative platforms are gaining popularity and will continue doing so in 2020 and beyond

TRAFFIC On Demand Whenever You Need It ... Get Free Traffic From Most Popular Social Networks! LEADS & SALES …

LEADS & SALES… From hyper-engaged audiences on both classic and hot NEW social networks
SAVE MONEY & TIME… With industry-1st tech breakthroughs that automate your marketing.


Everything you need inside one dashboard: hourly-updated viral content, video creation, automated traffic, set & forget campaigns

Whatever Marketing Challenges You Face, Social Video Software Is the Solution!

It gets better. You can also 10X your results from Reddit, Medium, LinkedIn & more… As these networks are ALSO in growth phases & integrated directly with Social Video Software!

Challenge #1: “I Don’t Have Enough Traffic!”

SOLUTION: Get all the traffic you’ll ever need. Social Video Software automates free traffic by getting your marketing messages MASS exposure across all the hottest networks… at the same time!

Challenge #2: “Online Advertising is CRAZY Expensive!”

SOLUTION: This software ELIMINATES the need for paid ads. Social Video Software includes precision tools that let you find powerfully engaging content, create attention-grabbing videos, AND generate non-stop traffic!

Challenge #3: “Competition & Ad Costs Have Put Facebook, YouTube & Instagram Out of Reach!”

SOLUTION: Easily exploit RAPIDLY growing networks like TikTok, Medium & Reddit for audiences your competition isn’t even aware of! Social Video Software connects you with millions of prospects on multiple untapped platforms.

Challenge #4: “I Don’t Have Time To Find or Create Engaging Content”

SOLUTION: Market Pulse Tracker: our proprietary built-in search engine, finds the hottest trending viral content for you from Instagram, Twitter, Reddit & more. Also, included is our industry-first “deep search” technology to exploit viral influencer posts using keywords, hashtags & engagement stats!

Challenge #5: “Creating Content & Videos Is A Hassle!”

SOLUTION: Enjoy stunning done-for-you video templates you can customize in seconds… Even use videos made by OTHERS! Change backgrounds, images, texts & logos for eye-popping branded videos in minutes… without ANY experience.

Challenge #6: “I’d Prefer Not To Make Videos At ALL”

SOLUTION: No video? No problem! You’re covered with our first-of-its-kind "social video calendar" that’s loaded with 365 COMPLETELY done-for-you videos … Schedule these to social media daily for a hands-free boost in engagement, branding and exposure!

Challenge #7: “I Don’t Have Tech Skills!”

SOLUTION: Social Video Software is point & click easy to use. We custom-designed this app to be 100% beginner proof - ZERO tech skills needed!

Welcome To Social Video Software...

Automated Marketing. Extraordinary Results.

Social Video Software is your ULTIMATE automated marketing solution that leverages the power of video & social media for:


Works on any device, nothing to install, automated updates. Create or customize as many videos & campaigns as you like with NO LIMITS. Use the software to sell video & social marketing services to others and keep 100% of the profits

Your Shortcut To Non-Stop Free Traffic, Leads & Sales In 3 Simple Steps

Easily customize 400+ done-for-you video templates and create engaging content within minutes.
Step 1: Discover
Step 2: Create
Step 3: Publish

The built-in revolutionary Market Pulse Tracker and Deep Search Technology to find trending viral content to skyrocket your engagement…

Automatically share your videos to up to 11 traffic-rich social and video platforms and watch your following, sales and leads grow!

Future-Proof Your Results With Never Seen Before Tech & Integrations

Social Video Software gets FAST results, but it’s also a LONG-TERM solution… doing what no other software can. It might be imitated, but it’ll ever be duplicated …

We spent months working with individual platforms creating cutting-edge integrations that aren’t available to ANY other developer.

ADVANCED Automation At Your Fingertips Point. Click. Schedule. Done.

Social Video Software is your own virtual social media manager & video marketing expert rolled into one.

All The Free Traffic You Can Handle From 11 Powerhouse Platforms

Here are some highlights of the free traffic you’re about to unlock:

TikTok has been downloaded over 1.1 BILLION times – that’s MORE than both FB & Instagram!
It’s currently the #1 traffic platform online.
StayTunednbc, Washingtonpost, NBA, RedBull, Chipotle, NFL … Gary V, Baby Ariel,Anne-Marie, Cardi B, Ed Sheeran … …Are some of the forward-thinking brands, influencers & celebrities starting to leverage this hot upcoming platform. It’s true that early online adopters create the BIGGEST impact, brands & businesses … now it’s YOUR turn! As of late 2019, TikTok allows ANY type of content to be posted – not just music or skits.

This increased diversity is the same trend that YouTube, Instagram & Facebook followed just before THEY skyrocketed in size! Now is the time to grab your share of TikTok traffic.

Social Video Software is the only software that plugs your videos DIRECTLY into TikTok traffic … As you can see, the sky’s the limit!

Billions of users, top-shelf engagement AND a direct boost in search traffic come from these powerhouse networks (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram)… Social Video Software Is The App For ALL THAT! Medium is an under-rated platform with massive authority … PERFECT for giving you a powerful edge.

It’s amazing for building your social following – users that like your content will follow you on other social networks. Social Video Software lets you share your video links to Medium for a powerful increase in search traffic, branding & authority.

Social Video Software is the 1st and ONLY app with direct video integration with Medium … setting you head and shoulders above your competition.

Reddit – the front page of the internet – grew by 30% in 2019 to over 430 million ACTIVE monthly users. It’s home to the most engaged people online. Get things right and you’ll see huge increases in targeted traffic, leads and sales. The great news is there’s very little competition on Reddit … because most marketers don’t know the unwritten rules of the platform.

Social Video Software posts your videos to Reddit THE RIGHT WAY … Giving you all the advantages of its highly engaged traffic! Social Video Software syndicates your content to Vimeo and Dailymotion, 2 popular video sharing sites, for quality backlinks and sustained long-term traffic.

Your Biggest Marketing Problems - SOLVED So YOU Can Dominate Just Like These Happy Beta Testers

The Most Powerful A-Z Video Marketing Solution EVER In A Single App Stunning videos from 'Done for You' to 'Do it Yourself' and everything in-between

Unleash unlimited, powerful videos for ANY marketing goal in as little as seconds. Social Video Software gives you TOTAL control and 3 different ways to use video to drive your business forward:

Done For You Videos

You’ll fall in love with Social Video Software curated social calendar packed with 365 done-for-you videos … enough for EACH day of the year! We drip these into your account 1 month in advance to ensure they feature current, compelling topics. Drag & drop easy to customize with your logos & branding. OR… use copyright-free videos from YouTube on any topic. The built-in video keyword search makes it a breeze to find these creative commons videos.

Template-Based Videos

You get over 100+ stunning “platform specific” already resized video templates for 7 different social platforms. All the templates are fully customizable. Pre-built professional design & animations. You can easily add YOUR message, branding & calls-to-action.

Each template included is PLATFORM-SPECIFIC – uniquely designed for individual platforms.

Video dimensions, duration, frame rate, style & descriptions are optimized for each network to maximize your traffic straight out of the box … forget EVER resizing or reformatting videos again!

Bring Your Own Video

Upload your pre-made videos made with any other app into the dashboard… Use them with any template, set them as background for your videos and add a personalized touch. Share these video across all the powerful networks integrated with Social Video Software.

Finally - Video Marketing Without Limits…


Download ANY video you create in Social Video Software to repurpose on any website or platform.


Included for ALL your videos – save $1000s per year & enjoy easy access inside the dashboard.


Social Video Software is compatible with videos you create using ANY other software. (if the social networks accept it, we do too!).

Step-by-Step Tutorials: For explosive growth in any niche

Social Video Software Is MORE Than A Gamechanger It's A QUANTUM Leap In Technology...

Stacked With Features To Supercharge Your Results
Enjoy The Freedom Of Mobile Marketing

Run your business from ANYWHERE

Explode Your Following, Engagement & Shares With Viral Done-For-You Content

Never waste a second on boring research

Social Video Software Market Pulse Tracker is a custom content search engine built to get you more reach & skyhigh engagement.

Now you can share the hottest “growth trends” and topics before anyone else, to build trust & authority among brand new audiences.

Get The Proven Power Of Influencer Marketing

Without the price tag

Influencers dominate social media, driving massive traffic for businesses & products. Normally you’d pay BIG money for that kind of exposure.

Social Video Software Maximizes Your Results Today & Long-Term!

With brand new innovations & integrations, nothing else on the market comes close…
Social Video
Other Apps
All-In-One Video Marketing Software

Done-For-You, template-based, bring your own or repurpose OTHER people’s videos … and customize anything with drag & drop ease!

Compatible With Videos Made On Any Other Platform

Just upload them into the software to get all of Social Video Software traffic & automation benefits

Platform-Specific Templates

Stunning video templates optimized and resized for each social network for maximum traffic & effortless sharing. No editing needed

Integrated Mobile App

Drive traffic anywhere at anytime from your phone… First EVER tech to direct-post to TikTok & Instagram

1-Click Syndication To 11 Of The Hottest Social Networks

Get floods of free traffic fast from both established authority platforms & the fastest growing upstarts

Exclusive “Market-Pulse” Content Search

Custom engine finds you viral trending topics to skyrocket your engagement & traffic

Influencer Marketing “Deep-search”

Repurpose the same viral content, hash tags, and descriptions shared by top influencers for your personal gain

Done-For-You Video Content For 365 Days (Full Year)

Ready-made daily curated videos with fresh topics give you ALL the benefits of content marketing with none of the work

Advanced Hands-Free Automations

Automate your entire video & social marketing campaigns; insta-post, schedule or setup campaigns weeks in advance

Unlimited Everything

Create & render unlimited videos, run unlimited content searches, mass-syndicate your videos unlimited times

Free Commercial License

Sell both video & social marketing services to anyone: local businesses, other marketers and online store owners for multiple income streams

All The Free Traffic You’ll Ever Need. Unlimited Trending Content. Both Custom & DFY Videos For ANY Marketing Goal. In Minutes.

Wave Goodbye To...

Unnecessary Software or tools
Paying expensive video creators or social marketers
Being on camera - unless you want to
Struggling to create your own content
Giving Google, FB or any other platform penny for paid ads
installing or updating anything - videoDashboard is cloud-Based and automatically updates


As a digital marketer, you’re staring at the best possible timing in over SIX years.

TikTok, Medium, Reddit & other platforms integrated with Social Video Software are set to DISRUPT the online industry the way Facebook & Instagram did years ago. But on a MUCH larger scale: there are BILLIONS MORE social media users today!

If you delay by a SINGLE day, OTHER people will build their brands & business using all this free traffic … AT YOUR EXPENSE. Right now these upcoming networks have very few content contributors [that’s you] compared to BILLIONS of visitors.

The stats are STACKED in your favor for the 1st time in years… When you jump in NOW. If you miss this narrow opening – you’re handing this HUGE timing advantage to others … and you may never see such a golden opportunity again.

So before you do ANYTHING else today… Grab your access to Social Video Software to ride one of the biggest waves in digital marketing history.

Choose Your Plan


Create unlimited videos for your own personal
$17 / Month
30 Days Free Trial


Create Unlimited Videos for Commercial Use
$37 / Month
30 Days Free Trial

Why is Social Video Software different from any other app in the market?

How is Social Video Software Different?

Social Video Software is the ONLY app that automates all of your content, video & social marketing under ONE powerful dashboard… No other app in the market comes with all the "first-to-market" technolgies. Publishes content to TikTok, Medium, Linkedin and 8 other social platforms that are included.

Does The App Work on Windows & Mac?

Yes, it’s 100% cloud-based and works on any operating platform, on any internet-connected device. EVEN your phone. HINT - get the included mobile app so you can do even more with Social Video Software from your smartphone.

Do I Need Experience or Tech Skills?

We designed the Social Video Software app to be 100% newbie friendly. You also get access to step-by-step training and 10 weeks of webinar coaching so you are never left behind.

Support & Software Updates?

Included & automated, in that order. One-click in your dashboard connects you to our legendary support desk, fully staffed by friendly pros happy to help. Ongoing updates are automatically pushed to the software so you’ll always have the most updated version.

Is Training Included?

Yes, it’d be sort of rude if it wasn’t, don’t you think? You get step-by-step training on how to use the app and 10 weeks of webinar training to ensure you get massive success with Social Video Software.