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The Super Affiliate

The Super Affiliate

The status of “super affiliate” is normally given to those who have succeeded in maximizing their income, as well as that of their advertiser’s over a given time period. The super affiliate is one who attracts large amounts of traffic to their affiliate websites, exceeding the rates of their competitors.

Super affiliates are highly sought after, and quickly recruited by top tier advertisers. This is a result of them desiring a greater return on investment (ROI) in their marketing campaigns. Super affiliates have several specific attributes other affiliates should try to achieve if they are in search of this status themselves. These are all points which have been taken on over and above any beginner steps to affiliate marketing.* They have studied and incorporated the strong features in search engine optimization (SEO) as well as search engine marketing (SEM) in an effort to enhance their affiliate marketing.

* They have developed one or more websites. Each of them is professional looking and able to engage visitors without flashiness or disruptive graphics in order to get them to click on banners or links leading to merchants.

* Optimized keyword searches are used to determine the appropriate word used to attract traffic to their affiliate websites.

* “Content is king” has become a natural attribute of their affiliate websites. These sites are created with factual and interesting content on the product they are promoting.

* Text link ads are automatically inserted HTML links used by super affiliates to increase traffic on their affiliate website.* Super affiliates use some sort of monitoring system to allow them to see the statistics of their website rankings on the various search engines.

* The use of a Trellian search term is often employed to find keyword phrases which will assist them in increasing the traffic volume to their affiliate website.

* Link exchanges and submissions are used to magnify visibility of their web pages, therefore increasing their potential for site visitors.

* The use of Internet business promotion tools maximizes their SEO for website improved rankings in various search engines.

* W3C Certification is a tool they can use to ensure their affiliate website is HTML compliant, so avoid being blocked by various software programs designed to restrict access to possible fraudulent websites.Super affiliates work hard at their craft, and are very Internet savvy. This allows them to take advantage of all aspects of SEO, SEM, and digital marketing to make the most of their affiliate marketing promotions. Many advertisers prefer to work with super affiliates in order to maximize ROI, as a result of these affiliates’ high CTR increasing conversions.

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