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5 Negative Effects Of Social Media On Mental Health

We all love Social Media in one form or another, but here are some things to be wary of with Social Media.

1 ) Depression and Anxiety

Unfortunately, Social Media can increase depression and anxiety. This can be caused by multiple factors such as feeling a lack of self-worth when comparing yourself to others or from negativity that can compound on Social Media.

2) FOMO (Fear of Missing Out )

Many on Social Media portray success in a specific way of living a lavish lifestyle and earning huge sums of money. This can lead to people feeling like they’re missing out particularly with the latest fashions or trends.

3) Cyberbullying

The Internet and Social Media are still in their infancy. Therefore, it’s still difficult to monitor activity. Leading to bullying online which can often be a continuation of bullying in real life.

4) Negative Perception

It’s easy to have the wrong perception of others on Social Media. This is because it’s easy to compare yourself to others who appear to lead exciting lives. It’s worth remembering you only see the highlights on Social Media.

5) Scamming

Due to the challenges of monitoring online activity scammers often try to take advantage of vulnerabilities. Be wary of suspicious activity online and report it if possible.
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