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Logo animation involves the idea of taking a static logo and presenting it with animated elements, bringing it to life in an engaging way. This animation is often enhanced by sound effects and subtle music which makes it a more dynamic way to start (intro) or end (outro) a video.

A logo animation video adds drama and impact to your videos helping establish your brand visually and connect with your target audience. You will stand out from your competitors because your video will be more memorable. So when your target client/user thinks of your service, the animation will help them remember you.

What our logo animation videos can do for your business.

Our online logo animation videos will automatically produce professional looking animation videos that will make your business look polished, modern and professional within no time.

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Tell us the logo animation style you would like, send us your transparent png file. We create your video!

Logo Animation Package


$67 / One Logo Animation


$97 / Two Logo Animations