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Social Media How To’s: Call to Action Button

We’re going to be talking about the Facebook call to action button. It’s been out for a little while it’s a neat feature that Facebook has that allows the user to directly contact you as a ministry.
Without some extra clicks and searching so it’s kind of like just a really quick way for people to get in contact. Be the first you’re going to navigate to your Facebook page. On your page, you’ll see the option to add a button.
So when you click on that, then you’ll have a pop-up so then you can choose which button you would like and there are several different ones, and so we’re just going to do the contact us. I’m going to put in the web address and create it. That’s all you have to do once you create the button. You have some different options, you can do test the button.
You can view the insights you can edit, you can always change them, or you can delete them. So that’s a quick little tool that you can utilize right now and it will greatly impact how people interact with your Facebook page.
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