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These five reasons will make you choose kinetic typography animation

Kinetic typography animation is a fancy name for moving text in the video. High-quality kinetic typography can make your video stand out in the crowd of online videos.

A recent study estimates that video marketing is growing 14.6% every year. Harnessing the power of kinetic typography can help you attract new customers and keep them loyal.

What are some compelling reasons to use kinetic typography animation?

It’s always a good choice to research instead of following the market trend. This way, you can get a basic knowledge of the concept and decide whether the tool/technology or other trendy things are suitable for you.

In this part of the post, we will look at kinetic typography animation and its benefits for business owners and marketers.

1. Attractiveness and retention

The kinetic typography animation video consists of all the factors that can impress marketers and business owners. First and foremost, video content is excellent for marketing, be it for lead generation, sales, or conveying essential facts.

A text-based video doesn’t cost much money to create and publish, but it’s just as effective at getting results.

Viewers are more likely to understand the core ideas of the video when we combine stylish, moving text and audio to convey the information to our audience. If someone doesn’t understand your words, they can quickly grasp the idea by reading the video’s fonts.

Adding animated text at the beginning of the video is a combination of great music. After that, it is possible to convey the message more effectively with the help of audio and text by adding several cues to enhance comprehension. In this manner, you can easily promote your brand and attract users’ attention.

The people who understand the message you want to convey better are more qualified than those who understand your core concepts only partially or not at all.

2. Short, practical, and informative

There are tons of videos on the Internet, and most viewers don’t want to spend a lot of time with a single creator. As a result, Internet users want to watch and engage with shorter videos.

That isn’t to say that longer videos are no good, but the point is that you shouldn’t drag the video out unnecessarily. A typography video has a reputation for being short and concise (only top-notch videos do). Using kinetic typography after-effects allows you to grab and keep the viewer’s attention.

The combination of stylish motion text and videos is deadly for quickly getting the core ideas across. A higher percentage of viewers will stay until the end of the video if you keep it short. If you use different kinetic typography animation techniques, you can convey the information more effectively in a shorter time.

The study shows that integrating videos on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%. If you include a short video with kinetic typography, you have a better chance of generating more leads and customers.

3. Excellent for highlighting important points

Not all parts of the videos are equally important. Some parts of the videos are just about the topic’s background and other additional information. However, parts of the videos are crucial to the viewers, and these points could be the triggers that make your potential customers take the action you want them to take.

Kinetic typography with bold animations or kinetic typography with shaped images could work well, depending on the type of video, to convey and highlight critical points of the video to your viewers.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to use your video to show the benefits of using a particular piece of software. An excellent way to highlight important points would be to use moving fonts to show essential facts and then explain the finer points of that point. This way, users can better understand what you are trying to say.

4. Aesthetics are fun to look at

One of the most important reasons a typography video is so valuable is the entertainment factor. People do not want to watch a boring video on the Internet, even if it conveys helpful information.

The inclusion of animated text videos can drastically increase engagement by making the footage appealing. The movement of the text, along with the combination of sound, beautiful colors, and a bit of action, will make your audience stick with the video.

If you know how to make the most of kinetic typography, most viewers will watch the video to the end. Some viewers may even watch the video again to see the beautiful animation.

5. Turn viewers into customers

Are you aware that your audience could be watching your videos without turning on the sound? Yes, you heard right. A recent study found that about 85% of FB users watch the video on mute.

In the case of a talking head video, that wouldn’t make any sense. However, this is not the case with a kinetic typography video generator. Using moving text in the video can convey the message without sound. Users can quickly read the subtitles in the video, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will work.

Nowadays, kinetic typography seems to be everywhere, and you’ve undoubtedly seen kinetic typography animations many times. It’s already a must-have for various industries.

Kinetic typography is often used in music videos, mobile apps, websites, movies, animated explanations for teaching, etc. Several successful commercials have been created based solely on kinetic typography techniques. Contact us for The Best Kinetic Typography Animation Videos.

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