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What can logo animations do for your brand?

Professional and modern-looking logo animation for your company’s video content, products, or website adds a sense of consistency and professionalism, and reliability to your internet visibility. It can even offer a specialist touch to a simple amateur clip or post and make it look like a high-quality production.


Support your brand story animated logos connect emotionally with audiences through the powerful combination of image, sound, and motion. Animations convey your company’s vibe 900% more efficiently than a static image or other media.


Investing in a professional-looking animated logo is a long-term investment. You buy or create it once and use it forever online and in presentations. It’s a one-time investment that pays off for marketing, even for short-term trends that come and go.


Why does a brand name require a computer-animated logo design?


A computer-animated logo design is a modern-day and vibrant way to provide a brand name. It shows that as soon as the logo animation trend emerged, many large and small businesses contacted designers. But why is it becoming popular so quickly?


Let’s see the benefits that an animated logo brings to a brand. The character of a company conveys a particular message that attracts customers. Moreover, it is a great way to stand out from the competition because it guarantees originality.


An original image


It’s no secret that some brands have similar logos, and sometimes they are even competitors. That may not happen intentionally, but only because brands are forced to use some recognizable elements in a logo that give a clue about their services.


To add uniqueness to a logo, designers can add some movement. With an animated logo, imagination can get out of control. Original graphics with various visual effects produce a unique way to view the logo design.


Higher brand awareness


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Many experts believe that dynamic images and video content are better understood than static ones, which means they are easy to remember. An effective animated logo connects potential customers and effectively draws their attention. Some computer animations can last up to 10 seconds, which raises the chances of remembering the logo compared to a glance at a static image.


Pleasant first impression


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First impressions have a significant impact on how people perceive a product. It only takes a few seconds for us to decide whether we like something. Because a logo design is the first representative of a brand, it needs to make an excellent first impression on potential customers. An original animated logo is a great way to surprise people and increase the likelihood that they will remember your brand. A positive first impression helps to keep users interested.


Much better narration


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A computer-animated logo can become a working part of the storytelling process. Animation can explain the essence of a company in more detail than a static logo. It works like a short video that tells a unique story about a product or company. Video content makes it easy to create an emotional connection with the viewer. Also, can share videos on the internet, which means more people can see a logo.


The professionalism of the company


Even if customers are not marketing experts, they understand what’s hot right now. Many famous companies, including Google, have already acquired animated versions of their logos and proudly share them with the whole world. So, when a brand shows that it keeps up with innovations, people perceive it as a true professional.


Where can you use an animated logo? 


Video content is meant for the entire digital space and can be used for different purposes in different cases. Let’s take a look at what those are.


Social networks


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People spend a lot of time surfing the internet and communicating on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Nowadays, social networks are one the essential platforms for product promotion.


Video clip content is a reliable advertising and marketing device that is very easy to share and can be quickly found among the other content. In addition, it can convert animated logos converted into GIFs, which are effective material for posting on social networks so that they can share on all social media.


Corporate website


Websites are like a resume for a business. A website needs to function effectively. An animated logo can improve the website’s image and boost search engine optimization (SEO). Visitors look at logo animation and thus spend more time on a page. This indicator significantly impacts the website’s rank in search results.




Presentation Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download


Public figures often have to give various presentations, be it a product demonstration or a business meeting. By adding an animated logo to the slides, you can add an original and creative element to the presentation.


Promo videos


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The role of promotional videos is that many companies benefit from this marketing tool. So why not spruce up a promotional video with an original animated logo? This combination can serve specific business and marketing purposes.


A word of suggestion


As we can see, an animated logo is frequently used as an effective promotional tool. It helps increase recognition and brand awareness, improve storytelling and create an original image for a brand. To make it work efficiently, you should consider the following factors.


Before creating a logo animation, analyze the company’s business goals and think about the personality you want a brand to show.


  • Conduct user research: The logo animation should be based on the users’ preferences.
  • Try to surprise the users: Create an animation so that the result is unpredictable from the first second.
  • Keep it short: It is recommended to remain under 10 seconds. Don’t try to make a complex movie out of a logo.


A logo animation video adds drama and impact to your videos helping establish your brand visually and connect with your target audience. You will stand out from your competitors because your video will be more memorable. So when your target client/user thinks of your service, the animation will help them remember you.


Our online logo animation videos will automatically produce professional-looking animation videos that will make your business look polished, modern, and professional within no time.

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