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What is video Animation and How do you make an Animated video using PowerPoint?

Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard computer-animated video clips are the best option for producing item explanation videos. You can get more sales if you do it ideally and utilize an engaging script and CTA.

It imitates the impact of personalities and objects showing up before the viewer on a basic whiteboard. This instantly attracts the user’s attention and remains with them for longer. Additionally, you can create whiteboard video clips in 4 different designs, specifically whiteboards, note pads, glass boards, and electrical boards.

Whiteboards videos are also perfect for academic purposes as educators frequently use markers and whiteboards to clarify complex issues to trainees.

Here is an example of a whiteboards video.

Computer animated video with text is a strategy that incorporates activity and text to express ideas in a video clip computer animation. This video is frequently used to create text videos for songs tracks.

It is an ideal video clip format if you want your audience to focus on the presented verses. It also generally takes little time to produce..

Computer Animated video using PowerPoint

PowerPoint has become a vital tool for creating official or informal discussions. Yet did you recognize that you can also create animated videos with PowerPoint?

This post will reveal just how to make a simple computer animation of an animation character using PowerPoint.

PowerPoint was at first developed to help teachers with existing lessons. Today, it is also commonly utilized in businesses. The software uses numerous functions such as text format, bullets, tables, graphs, and more.

PowerPoint can be made use of to create computer animations. This means that you can include motion graphics in your presentations. For example, you can stimulate a photo or create a short video.

Video clip computer animation is one of those points that will undoubtedly thrill you once you have invested the moment and initiative to discover it. It’s a unique method that, if used correctly, can improve anybody’s discussion and also impressively share a message.

However, it’s not for everyone.

Computer animation is pricey, and also, lots of people don’t have much cash to spend on video.

It doesn’t also have to be a video clip. PowerPoint can also create computer animations.

How to develop computer animations in PowerPoint 

1. Initially, select the object you want to stimulate in the presentation and then click on the Animation tab

The Animations tab displays a series of computer animations represented by stars that you can make use of.

2. You can additionally click the Add Animation button and choose your animation from there. Click the animation to apply it to the preferred item.

3. As soon as you have chosen your computer animation, click the Animation Box button to personalize the computer animation. It is located alongside the Add Computer animation button.

4. The computer animation panelists the animations you have applied to the chosen object. Click the down arrow alongside the computer animation if you wish to tailor them independently. If you have utilized greater than one animation, you can likewise reorder them below.

5. You can then manage the animation’s timing and see the result options.

6. Ultimately, to see the result of your computer animation, click the Play button in the computer animation home window.

Now click the arrow sign in the top left corner of the slide. Select “Computer animation” from the listing

Complying with a window will certainly open. Here you have to choose a transition design. There are three kinds to pick from. They are.

  • Crossfade: Crosses between 2 blades.
  • Liquify – Combine in between 2 slides.
  • Slide show: Animates only one slide.

When you have completed, click the play button at the bottom of the home window.

The animation should play automatically.

Press the Time out switch if you want to stop the computer animation.

When you have ended up with the computer animation, wait as a.mp4 documents.

To export a computer animation.

You can export your animation back to PowerPoint. Click on the Submit tab. Now, you will need to choose where you intend to save your animation.

Select the area where you want to save the.mp4 documents.

Click on the “Save as” button.

In the “Layout” area, pick “Save for Internet.”

Type in a filename.

Click “Conserve.”.

That’s it, Your animation has been successfully exported.

What is a video clip presentation?

Video clip discussions are a preferred type of multimedia discussion, lasting from a couple of secs to a few minutes, that utilize attractive graphics, concise text, as well as suitable narration to provide the benefits of a product, service, or concept. They are used for advertising and marketing, consumer acquisition, personnel alignment, training, B2B interaction, and showcasing a firm at a trade show or conference.

Video clip presentations can take many kinds computer animated explainer videos, screencasts, item discussions, or PowerPoint slides with a driver doing the narration. The most recent ultimately, you select the format.

How do computer animations work?

Computer animation is a series of sharp images. Each image represents something different. As an example, a photo can be a graphic or a landscape. When an image is created, it is saved as different data.

The video starts with the photo activating and also off. Each frame moves continuously by changing the number of frames in the picture. This is commonly described as keyframe computer animation.

The sequence is then played back at high speed. The greater the playback rate, the smoother the picture.


What kinds of animations can PowerPoint do?

Various types of computer animations can be created in PowerPoint.

Conventional 2D computer animation

It is most typical in amines.

Each framework is created in a 2D graphics program and imported right into PowerPoint after that.

Each framework of the animation is created individually. The frameworks are then blended to move.

Disney computer animation

Disney is the musician behind many preferred computer-animated films.

Disney animation was explicitly developed to produce 2D animated movies.

Disney animation uses what is called the Disney pipeline. The idea is to make use of numerous layers. Each layer produces a different picture.

These pictures are then blended to develop pictures with volume.

3D animation

3D animation is slightly different from the method computer animations are typically produced. 3D animation is produced utilizing 3D computer graphics.

A 3D computer system program utilizes a 2D graphics program to produce 3D models.

These models are then imported into PowerPoint.

The models need to be rendered right into a series of images before being incorporated into an animation.

Video computer animation

There are numerous different animation programs for producing video computer animations.

These computer animation programs are usually relatively expensive and can take a very long time to set up.

However, there are also totally free animation programs practical in developing detailed computer animations.

The most common animation programs are the following.


  • Flash.
  • Director.
  • After Effects. Adobe After Results.

After Results is commonly considered the best video clip animation software program offered.

Many television shows and filmmakers utilize it.

The program can blend images.

The mixing is done by a tasting method called “interpolation.”.

After Impacts is likewise commonly made use of for aesthetic results.


Flash is the computer animation program of option for most individuals.

It is complimentary as well as effortless to utilize.

Flash is a vector graphics program.

This suggests that with Flash, it is possible to develop computer animations with complicated activities.

Flash has a straightforward user interface and is very easy to use.


Director is a video editing and enhancing program.

Director is also often used to produce animations.

Director is not compatible with one of the most common video editing programs small businesses and people use.

The supervisor should be combined with video editing and enhance program efficiency in creating animations.

How can I edit or trim a video in PowerPoint?

 You can also trim a video to get rid of unwanted material in PowerPoint. It’s not highly innovative; however, it’s quick. When the video is selected, go to the strip’s Playback tab and the editing and enhancing tools on the left.

Right here, you can pick Trim Video, which permits you to start as well as a stop at any time. Unfortunately, you can not create numerous sections, which would be extremely helpful. Still, if you wish to do this in PowerPoint.

You can make the first video disappear, as well as the computer animation, and play in the second video, giving the impact that the two parts of the video clip are playing as one. Experiment with the animation a bit. Yet I agree that it’s challenging.

To make the cut video clip not also harsh, you can additionally make use of the Fade In and also Fade Out buttons on the Playback tab of the strip to alter the video clip web content from black to black. Remember that this is not like getting rid of a video clip item from the slide. You will undoubtedly see a black video window that reveals the video content.


Platforms: Animaker’s free computer animation software for newbies with easy drag-and-drop performance and a user-friendly interface. Animaker’s permits you to make six significant sorts of video clips.



  • Computer graphics.
  • Craftsmanship.
  • Whiteboard.
  • 2.5 D.
  • Typography.

With full HD assistance, horizontal and upright video clip formats, and pre-programmed graphics, you can quickly create enjoyable computer-animated video clips.

Audio attributes consist of text-to-speech, the capacity to add background music and sound effects, and commentary. You can choose.

Pencil2D animation

Systems: Windows, Mac, and also Linux Pencil2D.

This open-source software is free for personal and business use, so you can use it for fun or produce video clips to advertise your products. It is a simple animation software that allows you to create hand-drawn 2D videos. The interface is simple and also easy to use. The user interface is simple and easy to use, as well as there are a lot of tutorials on the website and online forums that you can sign up with.

  • Other features.
  • Import images as well as audio.
  • Switch from raster to vector job to attract, repaint, and paint.
  • Adjust the framework price.
  • Add distortion and also lighting impacts.
  • Onion skinning.
  • Tailor the toolbar.
  • The stress level of sensitivity.
  • Numerous export styles.

Sound collection or publish your tunes.

If you intend to pay for the pro variation, you also obtain added attributes: incorporated cam, monitors, contours, transition impacts, and in/out effects. It resembles PowerPoint animations, but much more unwinder and not as economical.


Video animation is an exciting innovation.

It is used for a variety of things.

Company use is one of the most typical video clip computer animation applications.

Firms utilize video clip animation to display their items, success, and services.

Video clip animation is highly reliable in communicating crucial messages. 

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