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Is Video Content More Engaging?

Videos tell your story for maximum impact and help keep your audience engaged. An effective way to stand out from the competition and make an impression on your audience is to use a memorable slogan.

Build demand for your product or service through video marketing by creating an effective video marketing strategy. We see people at different stages of their buying journey on our website.


  • Reach
  • Establish
  • Convert
  • Specify
  • Advocate
  • Innovate
  1. REACH Customer Stage Exploration: Social Media Ads (Brand Focused), Product Teaser Videos, Product Launch/Event Videos, Landing Page Videos Brand Anthem.
  2. ESTABLISH Customer Stage Consideration: Product & Service Videos, Social Media Ads – Product Focused Videos.
  3. CONVERT Customer Stage Decision Making: Case Study Videos, How-to Videos, Sales Videos Testimonial Videos / Success Stories Video Manuals.
  4. SPECIFY Customer Stage Engagement: Specific Audience- Focused Videos, Industry-Focused Ads.
  5. ADVOCATE Customer Stage Personalization: About Us Videos, About Our Team Company Core Values / Mission / Vision CEO Videos, Company Outreach Videos, Membership Videos, Product Update Videos.
  6. INNOVATE Customer Stage Re-Exploration: Wildcard Videos New Product Line Videos, New Market Promotional Videos.

1ST STAGE REACH: Customer Stage:


They’re crucially important for growing companies that want to reach out to their future customers and gain product awareness.

– Social Media Ads -Brand Focused

Short (30-60 seconds), showing essential products, and brand-familiarization focused.

– Product Teaser Video

Short (15 – 45 seconds) and offers a peek into the key features of a yet-to-be-launched product.

– Company and Brand Jingle: Classic yet effective, jingles are short, catchy, and fun, and help familiarize your audience with your brand or call-to-action.

Landing page videos: Usually short and made in a loop, these videos usually replace the traditional website background colors and capture your audience immediately upon arriving at your website or social accounts.

– Product Launch and Event Videos: Used either for social media or a Livestream, these videos focus entirely upon the product and attempt to eliminate any distractions that might take the viewer’s attention away from the content.

Brand Anthem: A brand anthem briefly tells your audiences what your brand is all about and how it will help them or bring about change. the output of this task is a list of paraphrases for each input sentence.

2ND STAGE ESTABLISH: Customer Stage:


These videos provide a deeper look at your product or service by giving the viewer a definitive and comprehensive overview.

– Product and Service Videos: Usually made as explainer videos of varying durations, these videos hit home by addressing your customers’ concerns and offering solutions.

– Social Media Ads – Product Focused: Unlike the 1st level videos, these videos advertise the specific features of your product while also catching the attention of your general audience.


Customer Stage: Decision Making

This is where you convince your potential customer that your product is the best choice and can be trusted and also where you can further engage current clients by telling them how your product affects positive change.

– Case Study Videos: Usually done in an informational way, these videos are a great way to show how and why your audience should buy your product through the evidence you may present.
– How-to Videos: Usually done with explainer videos, how-to videos explain the basic usage of a product, membership procedure, and anything else you’d like to explain to your audience!

– Sales Videos: Sales videos are a great chance for you to present information that you would usually, repeat over and over to every client through an engaging animated video.

– Video Manuals: Imagine a wordy product manual, kinda boring right? Now make them a video with music, animation, and special sound and visual effects, now, better!

– Testimonial Videos and Success Stories: These effective videos are made by combining snippets of videos made by your clients talking about how your product helped them.


Customer Stage: Engagement

Some industries and customers require more convincing and special attention; these videos are like any of the above, however, they focus more on specific needs and concerns.

– Specific audience-focused Videos: You can’t please everyone all the time, but you CAN make videos for targeted age ranges or projected market profiles with these videos.

– Industry-Focused Ads: Your products have features that can be highlighted for specific industry markets and needs.


Customer Stage: Loyalty

Help your clients see, hear, and feel, the humanity behind your product, the team behind the success, and a cause that they can identify with through these videos focused on the repeat buying stage, which approach your clients not only as buyers but as partners.

  • About Our Team (About Us Videos): Your clients want to see the people behind your product and its success, and, while it is great to read about your team, seeing and hearing them is an even better experience!
  • CEO Videos(About Us Videos): Usually combined with a brand anthem, a CEO video offers your audience and employees a strong figure that they can look to as a guiding light of your company.
  • Company Core Values / Mission / Vision (About Us Videos): Let your customers know what you stand for by turning your company’s mission statement into a video.
  • Membership Videos: These videos promote the benefits and advantages of being a member of your organization through your membership or subscription programs.
  • Company Outreach Videos: These videos show the heart behind your products and services as well as explain why buying your product takes your customer’s dollar further.
  • Product Update Videos: Keep your customers up to date about the latest changes, upgrades, or any other update about your product or service.


Customer Stage: Re-Exploration

This level allows you to apply as much creativity as you’d like to explore the bounds of what your business can do (our production team can help get the creative juices flowing!)

– Wildcard Videos: Crazy, non-conventional ideas for varying purposes that are so unique that they can only come from your company!

– New Product Line Videos: Showcase and hype up any new products you’re planning to release in the near future.

– New Market Promotional Videos: Videos tell your story for maximum impact and help keep your audience engaged. An effective way to stand out from the competition and make an impression on your audience is to use a memorable slogan.

Your Business Needs More Videos

Whiteboard Video Animation offers easy, on-demand, video production services worldwide. From idea to publication. Powered by our creative marketplace software, global supplier network, and trusted marketing methodology, we guarantee results every time!

We Create High Quality, Completely Done For You, Videos With Music, For An Unbelievably Low Price, In Almost Any Language.

 types Of Video content  provide at Whiteboard Video Animation Service 

  • Social Media Videos: is basically any video content that you create and share through social networks. Those videos can be regular posts, ads, Stories, cover videos, profile videos, or even comments on social posts. The idea is to encourage your audience to engage with your business and remember it.
  • Best way to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in  2021(Definite Guide) » DesirePaul Network
  • Video Sales Letters: A video sales letter is a piece of direct mail that is designed to persuade the reader to purchase a particular product or service in the absence of a salesman. It has been defined as “A form of direct mail in which an advertiser sends a letter to a potential customer.”
  • The 12-Step Video Sales Letter Script Builder | DigitalMarketer
  • Logo Animation: this involves the idea of taking a static logo and presenting it with animated elements, bringing it to life in an engaging way. This animation is often enhanced by sound effects and subtle music which makes it a more dynamic way to start (intro) or end (outro) a video.
  • WHITE-BOARD-29-01.pnglogo animation video adds drama and impact to your videos helping establish your brand visually and connect with your target audience. You will stand out from your competitors because your video will be more memorable. So when your target client/user thinks of your service, the animation will help them remember you.
  • Testimonials: one of the most effective ways to get someone to come down off the fence and make a purchase if there ever was one.
  • Cinematic Videos: is a video that resembles a film. Over the years, the movie industry changed quite a lot in terms of aspect ratio, color, and lighting styles. When we use the term “cinematic,” this means it looks like an actual film we see in theaters.
  • Free Stock Video Download - 35mm Film Reel Background - Animated Loop GIF |  Gfycat
  • Kinetic Typography Animation Videos:The technical name for “moving text” Kinetic Typography style video is an animation strategy blending motion and text to share and express ideas using text video animation. It’s an animation strategy that mixes motion and text messages to share concepts and evoke emotion.

    Kinetic typography videos are often produced using standard animation programs, including Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, and Apple Motion. The effect is most often achieved by compositing layers of text such that either individual letters or words can be animated separately from the rest.

  • Facebook Live
  • Product Promotion Videos 
  • Product Explainer Videos
  • Affiliate Review Videos
  • Product Showcase Videos
  • Promo Videos
  • Drone Videos
  • Amazing Photo Slideshows
  • Youtube LIVE
  • Youtube Channels
  • Documentaries
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Online Video Series
  • Vlogging
  • Competition Videos
  • Logo Intros & Stingers
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Social Videos
  • Green Screen Videos
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Explainer Video
  • Doodle Videos
  • Video Reviews
  • Holiday Videos
  • Video Scripting
  • Video SEO
  • Youtube Videos
  • Amazon Product Review Videos
  • Offline Business Promotion Videos
  • Greeting and Events Videos
  • Commercials/Infomercials
  • Video Ads (Facebook & Youtube)
  • video sales
  • Business Presentation Style Videos
  • Video Press Releases
  • Lower Thirds & Call Outs & A Whole Lot More.

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