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Key Features To Look For When Choosing The Best Whiteboard Animation Software

What is a whiteboard animation software application?


Whiteboard animation software permits you to create videos where the narrator presents a story using illustrations on a whiteboard.


Whiteboard videos often use a drawing hand along with a white digital canvas. The viewer can watch the entire drawing process while listening to the message.


Such animations are complemented by other aesthetic features such as hotspots, different color palettes, background music, effects, and transitions. Moreover, the time-lapse component used in animations makes the video content more coherent than traditional text.


Why use whiteboard animation software?


Whiteboard animations are easy to create because you don’t have to spend money physically recording a video. Plus, it’s convenient to reach a large audience simultaneously, as people are becoming less receptive to text and images.


Whether your area of expertise is teaching or B2B/B2C marketing, animation serves the purpose of information retention. A condensed but minimal whiteboard video that conveys the right message is the core goal of a successful marketing plan.


It also makes it easier to grasp complicated details, especially when explaining a topic or demonstrating how to use a product. It’s a win-win situation.


What should you look for when finding the best whiteboard animation software for your needs? Here are some of the essential features to put on your checklist:


Media Library

Plain text is not enough to effectively convey the desired message. Using multimedia elements is what appeals to the eyes. Therefore, look for whiteboard video software that includes various royalty-free images, background music soundtracks, color palettes, etc.


Easy customization


Many of these whiteboard animation apps offer pre-made templates, but you may need to customize or tweak them to fit any scenario. Changing colors, characters, font size, and transitions are common areas where simple customization options come in handy.


Voice over support


Many programs have voiceover support to complement your whiteboard animation videos. This is an essential feature for complex scenarios that require detailed information. You should use the free trial version to test the voiceover feature to avoid problems.

Step 1: The script


First, you need to write a script.


Ideally, the script should be divided into three parts: (a) introduction, (b) main body, (c) conclusion.


Try to respond to the following three questions to fully understand the intended purpose of the whiteboard animation video you want to create:


What: The central topic you will be talking about. The content should be more educational for commercial purposes and not just focused on sales.


How: Explain how a particular problem can be solved or the implications.


Why: Convince the viewer that your product is unique compared to other alternatives.


Your script forms the backbone of your whiteboard animation video. Once you’ve completed this step, the rest of the process is just about creating an aesthetic appeal.


Step 2: The storyboard


Next, you’ll work on a storyboard.


  • This is where you can see all the scenes in your video.
  • You can add voiceovers, change backgrounds and color palettes, etc.
  • All the design and scoring take place here.


Step 3: Integrating the elements


The third step is to include the three elements: (1) white space, (2) continuous drawing, (3) drawing hand.


White space: be careful not to clutter all the information in a scene. Adequate white space prevents the viewer from getting bored, and the video looks uncluttered. So try not to play too much with the backgrounds. Keep them simple.


Drawing: continuous hand movements reinforce the main message. The connection between the audience and the drawing helps to follow the visuals.


Drawing hand: always include the hand! It completes the goal of whiteboard animations and makes the video more immersive.


Step 4: The final touch


Finally, add more multimedia elements depending on what you want to achieve. Perhaps you can include a brand logo or a custom character for the classroom. These visual aids play an essential role, as many online viewers have a short attention span.


Attractive and recognizable elements will make your whiteboard video more engaging and effective.


How long does it take to create a whiteboard video?


Many individuals wonder how long it requires to create a whiteboard video. It depends on your skills and the complexity of the video you want to create. If you are a beginner, it might take you a day to create a 10-minute whiteboard video. If you are an advanced editor, you will need only 4-5 hours to make a 10-minute video.

What features should a whiteboard animation software have?


Before you choose the best whiteboard animation software, you need to consider some essential points:


Fully customizable: Animation software must have a range of customization options that allow you to change characters, colors, fonts, audio, video, animations, and transitions. In addition to pre-made templates, make sure there are several customization options.


Huge media library: Always ensure that the software includes a diverse media library with royalty-free images, audios, and videos. Now create captivating and exciting videos at no extra cost.


Easy to use: Another important point while choosing the best whiteboard animation software is that you should choose beginner-friendly software, and you can easily create amazing videos for your business.


Voice Over Support: Almost every whiteboard animation software has voiceover support to understand the videos better. Always opt for a tool that supports voiceover to tell your story and help you create videos with ease.


Price: If you are a newbie in the video marketing industry, then the price is a significant factor that you should consider. There is no need to spend a lot of money on new software. The best way to start creating whiteboard animations is to choose a free tool to save you money.


Now, let’s get a clear picture of the positives and negatives of whiteboard animation software and how whiteboard animation videos appeal to a broad audience:


  • Extremely flexible and mobile-friendly
  • Whiteboard animation software has a higher conversion rate.
  • Eye-catching and best suited to grab the attention of the audience
  • Easy to use and memorable
  • Best way to convey a lot of information clearly and quickly
  • An ideal way to promote products or services
  • No expensive equipment or skills are required to get started.
  • Beginner-friendly tool
  • Results in high-quality explainer videos for your website or online tutorial


Wrap Up 


You don’t necessarily need to buy the most advanced whiteboard animation software if you’re starting. You can start with simple software and work your way up from there.


Remember that, like any other skill, creating excellent whiteboard animation videos will take you through a learning curve and require some practice.


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