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What is the purpose of a video sales letter?

video sales letter

What is a Video Sales Letter (VSL)?

A video sales letter is a marketing possession in video format designed to convince a target audience to buy a particular product or service.

Initially, a sales letter was a direct-mail advertising item, a physical letter of 10 pages or more. The purpose of the sales letter was to offer information and advantages of a specific item to possible clients in support of a door-to-door salesman.

While physical sales letters still exist today, we are more likely to see virtual versions, such as committed sites, landing pages, or the latest evolution of this type of advertising – sales video clips.

Replacing created sales copies, video clip sales letters are videos that check out the trouble and present details of services or products to give a remedy.

Sales letters are commonly taken as stagnant or aggressive solicitations. However, the fact is that a direct technique can frequently be highly efficient. You can use video to create your sales pitch without alienating prospective clients by discovering specific essential lessons.

Why video sales letters work at transforming leads

While conventional sales letters are still in operation, video clips’ expanding appeal and versatility bring several advantages to marketing experts and salespeople.

The Wyzowl study states that 73% of people would instead enjoy a video to learn about a product and service than read a text-based write-up website or post.

Adhering to the author’s adage ‘show, do not inform,’ video enables potential consumers to see a screenshot or record of an item, making it easy to envision having it and taking pleasure in the associated benefits. Video clip reviews also add a feeling of intimacy and integrity to created endorsements.

Skilled salespeople and copywriters do their best to Write in a way that is both engaging and captivating. People tend to purchase based upon feeling and afterward warrant their decision through logic. But a video clip makes this much more straightforward. Instead of depending on the created word, videos can utilize voice inflection, facial expressions, and background music to create an emotional link and impact.

There are likewise means to develop video clips that are less expensive and much easier than ever, so more salespeople and marketers are utilizing them.

According to the same record by Wistia, 40% of companies evaluated intend to boost their video budget plans in 2022.

Furthermore, whereas formerly just the most prominent brands with Hollywood-level spending plans might generate video clips, today, any sales associate with a webcam or smart device can produce a VSL in an afternoon. Instead of paying big bucks for primetime television, it sets you back a portion of the cost for a sales team or online marketer to post a video on their website and make it available for anyone to enjoy at any moment.

Why are video clip sales letters vital?

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They can discuss the worth of a product or service. Video clip sales letters allow you to briefly discuss in an appealing layout exactly how your services or product can aid and offer worth to your audience.

Give personalized, relevant material. Video sales letters produce a more casual communication channel for viewers. Some viewers may find video clip sales letters more approachable than other advertising content.

Offer proof Video sales letters can supply audiences with concrete proof of the value of a product or service, such as a product and services presentation or customer review.

Why utilize video clip sales letters?

There are several reasons why a video sales letter is excellent for your marketing approach. While regular sales letters work, video sales letters include video marketing, which has actually expanded in popularity and also efficiency over the past few years: 69% of people say they choose to learn about brand-new services and products by enjoying short video clips (Wyzowl); 88% of advertising and marketing associates report that they will certainly invest even more cash on video campaigns in the future, as well as it’s not surprising that (Social media site Week ). Right here are some of the advantages of video clip sales letters.

Convincing Video sales letters make it very easy to share a message that will undoubtedly convince your target audience to take action.

Videos engage leads in a way that messages on a page can not. Because the tone is not entrusted to creativity, video clip sales letters permit you to showcase your brand character and share important information regarding your brand.

Be visually attractive. While text-based advertising and marketing enable the addition of pictures and the effective use of fonts and colors, the video clip has the advantage of movement. This can be used to reveal an item made use of in real-time and is more likely to catch the viewer’s attention than text-based marketing.

Video clip removes the requirement for the target audience to make their own decisions concerning what you wish to claim and instead communicates the full psychological intent of the advertising and marketing campaign.

What is the function of a video sales letter?

The objective of a video clip sales letter is to develop an enjoyable and compelling message that not only gets hold of the interest of your potential consumers but also encourages them to act. By utilizing the power of video clips, you can better convey emotion and individuality while giving evidence or showing the value of your service or product. Video clip sales letters enable you to clarify in an engaging layout just how your service or product can aid your target market and supply customized, appropriate content that encourages them to act.

Video sales letters can also be used to create a feeling of urgency and encourage possible customers to purchase quickly. By including limited-time offers and discounts in the video, you can create a reward for your audience to act currently instead of waiting. You can additionally use video clip sales letters as part of an e-mail advertising and marketing campaign or an AdWords project to target a specific audience with a pertinent message.

Despite what you may believe, there are some considerable differences between a video sales letter and a standard sales letter. When done correctly, these distinctions make a video clip sales letter much more significant than a typical sales letter.

Despite their striking similarity, VSLs are much more attractive to the average prospect. Oversaturation guarantees this.

In today’s market, people are bombarded with details, a lot of it in text type. As well as, at some times, they can obtain sidetracked, making it difficult to procedure.

Yet video sales letters can fix this problem. They permit you to record and hold your target market’s focus a lot quicker than text, and then you can get straight to the fundamental parts.

They do not need to look for relevant information; you can give it to them ahead of time to see if they stay interested.

The trick is to appeal to favorable or unfavorable emotions because the objective is to reach your audience and get feedback.

This clarifies why video sales letters function specifically well if you can tell a good tale. Yet it must be more than just a dull story. It needs to connect with your target market and make them feel like they recognize it.

So, as always, it is necessary to know precisely who they are and how to communicate with them. It is essential to research and studies everything from demographics to survey actions.

When you understand your target market, the following step is to craft your message. Bear in mind the objective of a video sales letter is to get people to take action, whether it’s signing up for an e-mail listing or getting an item. You want to ensure your message is engaging and influential enough to motivate individuals to take the wanted activity.

To build a compelling video clip for a sales letter, it is essential to ensure you have the ideal video and audio aspects. Having high-quality as well as visually attractive video clips is necessary when it comes to obtaining your message throughout. These videos must be customized to your target audience and include a top-notch audio component. It would help if you also saw that your video clips are concise and understandable to ensure that your target market does not get lost or perplexed.

A solid message

Your video sales letter requires a strong message, and the very best way to ensure you have this message is to develop a manuscript for your video clip. Below are the demands for your script.

  • Order the customer’s focus with pertinent web content.
  • State a problem or pain factor.
  • Promotes the trouble (exactly how does this issue manifest in your potential customer’s everyday life?).
  • Deal with your service or product as a remedy.
  • Consist of social evidence to influence trust funds and also increase reputation.
  • Information on the benefits of your product and services.
  • Inspire a sense of urgency or FOMO (” fear of loss”) to urge activity.
  • Include a phone call to activity to inform your target market what to do following.
  • Discuss exactly how you are different from your rivals.


Finally, video sales letters are a powerful device to persuade your target market and obtain them to take action. They are aesthetically and also emotionally attractive, which assists you in reaching your audience faster than text advertising and marketing. It is essential to recognize who they are and what they require so you can craft a message that reverberates with them. Top-quality video and noise are likewise essential for a successful video sales letter.

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